There are two possible sides to her story: you might like her or loathe her. But Power is something that can not be ignored while viewing the Chainsaw Man anime. Power is a powerful and cunning character. Power will do anything for her survival, from lying through her teeth to encouraging her friends to go into danger to save her skin. There are many surprising facts that Power is hiding beneath all of her chaos. Let's look at Power in Chainsaw Man from a different perspective.


Spoiler Warning This guide contains major spoilers about the plot and characters of Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Arc. Please watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga, at least till chapter 97, to avoid eradicating the intended experience._


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Volume 1 (Shonen Jump)

Power doesn't care much for any other living creatures, but she is willing to give her life for her cat. An interesting thing about the pet cat is the fact that she has two different names depending on the manga version. The original Japanese Chainsaw Man manga has the cat named Nyako. This is an adorable way to say the Japanese name for cats, Neko. The English translation of Chainsaw Man manga changes the name to Meowy. It's still adorable, but it is contrasting.

2. Her Horns can Grow Significantly

Being a blood fiend, Power has horns made of blood growing out of her head. These horns are a sign of her evil side. They can be used to heal herself and make instruments out of her blood. We can expand on this in Chainsaw Man Chapter 39. These horns get taller and bigger when Power takes more blood than they need.

Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 39 (Shonen Jump)

Power must then drain her blood to bring them back to normal size. Denji can be allowed to drink Power's blood. This is a reliable way of doing it. If left unchecked Power could also develop additional horns from her head. This is also shown in the chapter.

Power is a popular character among fans if you've seen her in action. These facts were proven by the official Chainsaw Man popularity polls, which were carried out by Shueisha (a partner company to Shonen Jump). Power was the winner of the first popular poll, with 35.268 votes.

She was third in the popularity poll with 69.850 votes. The winner of that poll was Aki Hakayawa, another popular character in the fan base. Power was still able to make up the difference by appearing in two popularity polls. Find out more in the following point.

Screenshot from 2nd Popularity Poll of Chainsaw Man

Power, Chapter 12 in Chainsaw Man manga explains how she makes her chest look larger using breast pads. Denji is shocked and surprised when this happens. The publishers then introduced her breast pads to be a candidate for the second popular poll.

In a surprise turn of events Power's breast pad managed secure the 25th place with 2,330 votes. Although it may not seem like much, Power's breast pads secured a higher rank than even the gun fiend and the katana man.

5. Personality inspired by Eric Cartman & Walter Sobchak

If we take a look at any list of cartoon characters that are unhinged, Eric Cartman (South Park) always ranks high. His actions are cruel and brutal. He also disrespects all living creatures. This sounds a lot like Chainsaw Man. This is not a typo. The author revealed that many of Power's traits are inspired by Eric Cartman in an interview with French magazine ATOM. One of the most striking is their joy at inflicting suffering on others.

Eric Cartman (L), and Walter Sobchak (R) from South Park.

Eric's ruthlessness is not her fault alone. CSM's author, CSM, shared with CSM that Power is also inspired from Walter Sobchak in Jump Festa 2021 interview. Power is very stubborn and acts passive-aggressively. Power can be called thoughtless by some. This is also how Power perceives his behavior.

6. Power is the first and most unique fiend we see in Chainsaw Man

At this point, you might know that the world of Chainsaw Man is made of humans, devils, hybrids, and fiends. To learn more about the differences, you can refer to our guide. Even though you have met a lot of them, Power is the only fiend that can be found.


This is our first encounter with her in the CSM series. She's also our most memorable fiend. She does not choose to side with devils or humans, but she will support whoever wins at the moment. This makes her very selfish, but it also allows her to be extremely powerful in important battles. She won't think twice before she flips to the other side in order to save her life.


I'm sorry to break your bubble, Power is an absolute nightmare in terms of hygiene. We learn in Chapter 11 that Power **doesn’t shower or flush the toilet. Power sees people as too sensitive to take their hygiene very seriously, and considers them to be devils in human bodies. We see her later removing food (especially vegetables) that she doesn't like from her meals.

Power then explains, in Manga Chapter 36, that she does not discriminate between animal and human meat. Even willing to eat flesh from undead zombies, she is not afraid. We know that meat is different from devils, as we discovered when we met the bat devil.

Power seems to care as much about how the meat taste is as about the smell coming from her bathroom.

8. Power has flexible capabilities

As covered in our guide to Power and her abilities in Chainsaw Man, she can create a variety of weapons using her blood. Although she is more comfortable with melee weapons such as hammers, her creativity seems limitless. She can create creations similar to Green Lantern projections.

In the final chapters, we see the extent of Power's abilities as she manipulates her blood in order to "repress" the healing of Control devil. She programed her blood to behave in that way even though she was not there. Power had died at the time of this manga. It will be fascinating to see what she can do with her blood manipulation now that her return is certain.


Power doesn't seem to have an even hair color. This could be due to some coloring error or a creative choice. Her hair is pink in some sections of colored manga (e.g. Chapter 15). In other situations, such as the Cover of Chapter 29, her hair looks blonde.

Fans waited eagerly for the anime's airing to see their favorite actress' true hair color. The anime continues to show inconsistencies. In most anime scenes, we see her with blonde hair. However, she can also be seen wearing pink hair in certain scenes. As the story develops, it is possible that the creators will decide to mix the two.


The most prominent name in Chainsaw Man is Power. This is the name of one of the major characters that's not Japanese, although it seems superficial at first. Tatsuki Fujimoto (author of CSM) revealed that Power's name is complex in origin during Jump Festa 2021.

The Assumption Of the Virgin, which features the hierarchy of angels in the National Gallery London

The speaker explained to the crowd that Power's name comes from the Christian hierarchy of angels. Powers is the middle order angels who have control over evil forces. By suppressing evil, they prevent it from doing any harm. Power, living up to its name, eventually has a significant role in stopping Chainsaw Man's main villain.

The Top 5 Facts About Power In Chainsaw Man

Power in Chainsaw Man is the anime's most violent character. Now that you have learned so much about Power in Chainsaw Man, you will be able to appreciate all the work she has put into it. But if you are only here for the mess she creates, we suggest you also explore Denji from Chainsaw Man. He is Power's partner-in-crime and a best friend to Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. Do you consider Power an important character or if she is just comic relief? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!