After the crazy success of Fall Guys, another game has become the talk of the town. We are talking about Among Us, which overtook Fall Guys as the most streamed video game. But that's not all. According to Sensor Tower, Among Us reached the number one spot among the top downloaded games on both Play Store and App Store. If you liked Among Us, and are looking for other similar games, then this is the place to be. We have compiled the best 12 games similar to Among Us that have a social deduction theme. Let's now find out the top Among Us alternative games.

Games Like Among Us 2022

Here are the best games like Among Us that we have picked for the Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Xbox, and PS4. To see the complete list, click the table below.

Top Among Us Alternatives

1. Deceit

Despite Deceit's slightly different gameplay, I chose Deceit because its "trust and deception" theme is similar to Among Us. Deceit is just like Among Us. You are tasked with finding innocent players and building trust to survive.

Although Deceit can be played in multiplayer and features a first person shooter, there are no local gaming options like Among Us. You will be greeted by five unknown people when you awake in an unassuming asylum. Two players have contracted a fatal virus that has infected them all and they are out to kill or sabotage innocent players.

On the other side, you must build alliances with other players purely based upon your intuition. You might get infected if your friend turns out to be an infected person. All in all, Deceit is a fast and action-packed FPS game where both betrayal, suspicion and trust keeps you on your toe. Deceit is a great choice if you're looking for Among Us-type gaming on PC.


  • The Best Trust and Deception Game
  • Total 6 members in a team
  • Fast and Action-packed


  • Limited access to the PC

Download: Steam (Free)

2. Project Winter

Project Winter, another game similar to Among Us, is based upon betrayal and trust. You can also find crewmates who will help you complete certain tasks, such as gathering resources or repairing structures. This game is similar to Among Us. It gives you the opportunity to increase your power by completing a variety of tasks.

Be aware that there may be traitors in your group who can steal your trust and sabotage it. Traitors may spread lies about you and your fellow survivors to pit them against one another. Project Winter is a good alternative to Among Us in terms of the theme.

Unlike Among Us, where only text chat is available, you have the option to communicate via voicechat with support for nearby location. Project Winter can be played with 8 people, so it is a great multiplayer game. Project Winter, a social survival and deception game similar to Among Us is a great choice.


Defend, Survive and F__Ind the Traitors

  • Voice chat and proximity support
  • 8-person multiplayer game
  • Excellent visuals


  • Player base smaller than Among Us

Download: Steam ($19.99)

3. Town of Salem

The best alternative to Among Us is Town of Salem on Android, iOS and macOS. It is one of the most popular social deduction strategies games, with over 8,000,000 players. Unlike Among Us, which allows for up to 10 players in a multiplayer mode, Town of Salem only permits you to have a maximum of fifteen people**. This makes it even more engaging.

Among Us doesn't have a large list of characters, and the roles are not assigned randomly. Town of Salem lets you pick your favourite role among 33 characters. The game has a larger scope and vision, so you will enjoy trusting and being betrayed. You can play as a town member, Mafia member, serial killer, arsonist, or neutral, just like Among Us.

You are a town representative and must protect your fellow citizens. However, it is not possible to know what the secret role of a player. You can be killed by the players, who can turn out to be a mafia member or serial killer. Town of Salem, which is a larger version of Among Us, can be described as a social deduction game that you will love.


  • Select your role
  • Trust and Betrayal
  • Large community


  • "In-game moderation could have been better"

Download: Web, Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases), Steam ($4.99)

4. has a great game called Among Us. It can be enjoyed on all platforms. You can play the game on your desktop or smartphone via the internet browser. It also offers an Android application that was just released. According to the developer, an iOS app will soon be available. is a game that uses the same gameplay as Among Us but makes it more difficult to play. You can either play in a group and search for the betrayer, or you can be a betrayer to your teammates. You will need to accomplish tasks and, similar to Among Us you can also call a meeting in order to elect your opponents. Overall, I think offers a fun alternative to Among Us and a great social deduction game.


Play on the Web

  • Freely Available
  • Supports multiplayer online
  • _Supports a party room with your friends


  • It's still in the Alpha stage.

Download: Web (Free), Android (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online does not only offer a survival-traitor mode like Among Us. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of gaming features. You can collect resources and protect your village from evil forces. There is one catch. There are liars within your village plotting to ruin your village and your team.

You must find and stop the deceitful amongst your party and save your village from suspicion and deception. It is possible to have as many as 16 players on a multiplayer gaming session. A single game can have multiple villages or teams.

Round 1: The team with the most remaining members who have ejected all traitors is the winner. Werewolf Online, which is available on Android or iOS, offers the most satisfying alternative to Among Us. It allows you to experience survival and deathmatch and finally, deception.


  • _Gather resources, defend your village
  • 16-player game
  • Survival and deception
  • Good graphics


  • Ad-laden

Download: Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor** is one of the very few similar games to Among Us that are available on Xbox. Many people have asked for Among Us port on Xbox or PS4 however, due to the unique gameplay of this game, developers have not yet brought such games to consoles. Secret Neighbor is a great alternative to Among Us for Xbox.

Six characters sneak in on the neighbor and discover that the neighbour is actually one of them. The neighbor blends into the group and gains their trust. The neighbor must trap the other players to get them out of the basement.

As members begin to disappear, chaos follows among teammates. The investigation to identify the traitor in the group begins. Secret Neighbor is a fantastic game with a remarkable gameplay. You should give it a try if deceit games such as Among Us appeal to you.


  • Best social deduction game for Xbox
  • Hidden role
  • Great story
  • Excellent graphics quality


  • No new assets

Download: Steam ($19.99), Microsoft Store ($19.99)

7. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight, a party game that's very similar to Among Us, can only be played in a local multiplayer setting. Hidden in Plain Sight can only be played with 2 to 4 people. The gameplay is simple: you must complete tasks and not draw attention to your self. You will need to fit in with the AI characters, complete tasks and blend in. You will also have to remove other members from the crowd, but you won't be seen.


Other gaming modes include Death Race and Elimination, where you're put in conflicting situations and must save yourself from being noticed. It is recommended that Hidden in Plain Sight be installed on your computer if you are looking for another game similar to Among Us.


  • _Can also be played offline
  • _Death race and elimination modes
  • "One of the most popular party games"
  • It's easy to play


  • No single-player mode
  • Requires gaming controller

Download: Steam ($5.99)

8. ### 8.

The *social deduction VR game Werewolves Within, which is similar to Among Us, can be found on PS4 as well. Although it didn't receive a favorable response in the gaming community at large, people are returning to Werewolves Within due to its unique gameplay. A team can consist of between 5 and 8 people, with each player being assigned a secret role.

It is fast-paced, and you will be able to play both as a good man and a traitor. The game takes place in Gallowston, a medieval town where werewolves have taken over. Your teammates and you are taken to medieval times to rescue the townfolk.

You can play as a villager who saves innocent people in one game and turn your back on them the next. To win, you must find the hidden werewolf to eliminate that player. Simply put, Werewolves Within is a solid social deduction game like Among Us and if you love playing VR games on PS4 then this is an apt game for you.


  • Best Among Us is an alternative to PS4
  • VR game
  • Set in a medieval village
  • _Find and Save the Werewolf Village


  • The Player base in small

Compatibility: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, PlayStation VR

Download: Steam ($19.99)

9. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is similar to Among Us, which takes place in a spaceship. It also brings you the murderous and betrayal theme in an extraterrestrial dimension. Space life is not without its death and all spacemen are trying to save themselves from it. Up to 16 people can join a game. You will need to complete difficult tasks in order to defeat the space monsters.

To track down other players, you can "roam about, hide, and even eavesdrop on them". You have Story Mode, where you must defeat the Crumerian insects swarm. The Survival Mode allows you to fight huge swathes and other enemies.

Unfortunate Spacemen's best feature is the ability to voicechat with other players, which unlike Among Us is amazing. There is no need for Discord to be running in the background. Unfortunate Spacemen is a great alternative to Among Us. It is also set in space.


  • Based on a spaceship
  • _Murder, betrayal theme
  • Multiple gaming modes Support via Voice Chat


  • Gameplay slow

Download: Steam (Free)

10. Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board, another multiplayer online game is very similar to Among Us. A **team consisting of eight players can be formed. 6 members would serve as crew and 2 would act as Alien imposters. Crew members must find and kill the imposters to win this round.

The alien imposters blend easily with crew members, making it difficult to track them down. The situation gets worse when crew members are unable to communicate with each other via the spaceship's generators.

This is when crew members start to become suspicious of each other, while also maintaining communication by repairing generators. Enemy on Board, in both visuals and gameplay terms, is a great alternative to Among Us. You should give it a try.


  • "Team of eight players"
  • 'Find and kill the imposters. Communication is vital.
  • Decent visual quality


  • Voice chat glitchy

Download: Steam (Free)

11. ### 11.

You love the clever tactics of Among Us. Triple Agent is an Android and iOS game that offers a similar experience. You will be able to bluff, hide identifies and make betrayals, as well as social deduction. This game can be enjoyed on one device and up to nine players. Every gaming session lasts 10 minutes and players get assigned roles.

You can choose to be either a virus double agent or a service agent. To conceal your identity, you must sow doubt among other players by entering the role of your choice. Each player votes to determine the traitor at the end. Although the game is not as thrilling as Among Us it still has elements of deduction and deceit. It is worth a shot.


  • Hidden Identity theme and Deceit
  • Play on one device only
  • High-quality visuals


  • No online mode

Download: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

12. ### 12.

Our final list game, Undercover, brings together the elements of hiding identity and Among Us in a more simple way. To play local multiplayer games, you only need one phone and three or more players. Undercover can be used to get everyone involved in fun and social deduction games. It's all about identifying other players quickly and eliminating them as soon as they can.

Each player can choose to play a different role, such as a "civillian", an "undercover" or Mr.White**. Each player must complete tasks, and provide clues to others about possible traitors. As the number of players shrinks, it becomes more interesting to find out who Mr. White really is. Undercover would be a good choice if you are looking for a straightforward deception game.


  • Manipulate or deceive
  • Role-assigned gameplay Play with your family and friends


  • Requires 3 players
  • The _Multiplayer mode is buggy

Download: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

The Best Alternatives Among Us Curated for You

These are the top choices for our list of Top Among Us Alternatives. We found that the genre of social deduction is relatively new and very few games are based on it.

Despite this, it seems that things are changing after the success story of Among Us. In the days ahead, we expect to see survivor-traitor games on multiple platforms and consoles. That's all for now. We are glad you found this list useful. Please comment below to let us know.