Snapchat's game library is full of engaging and fun games. However, Snapchat stories can still be used to play games. You can find inspiration to create your next Snapchat story game by looking through this list. These games will strengthen your relationships with your partner and reveal new information about you friends.

Snapchat Story Games 2022: The Best

It's important to note that not all story games are suitable for everyone. Fortunately, Snapchat now lets you post private stories, and you can check our guide on how to post a private story on Snapchat for instructions. Check out these top Snapchat story games.

Name A Song

Image: Glamm Templates via Pinterest

Music is something that almost everyone enjoys. But what really makes it unique? Each person's tastes and preferences. Want to find out what music your friends love? To find out, use the Snapchat story "Name a Song That" Snapchat game. This one was created by Glamm templates and is great for getting to know the music tastes of your friends.

I Never Have I Ever

Image: Claire Ince via Pinterest

Never Have I Ever, a drinking game that allows people to take turns answering questions about things they have never done. It's fun to play the game in person, but it can also be played on Snapchat or Instagram stories. You're best to play this game with close friends through Snapchat private stories.

This or That

Image: Image: Keiko Lynn via Pinterest

It's a great way to get to know new friends. You have the option to choose from a set of choices, while your friend can pick which one they like. You might already know that the responses to these prompts can spark conversations and make it an entertaining Snapchat story game. If you have more ideas in mind, you can easily add them to the image or recreate the format with any photo editing app.

Image: Gabby Walton via Pinterest

Post, as the name implies, is a Snapchat story-game where your Snapchat friends can post photos or videos about what interests them. The template is available to use or you can take ideas from the one above and make your own using Snapchat's story creator interface. Your friend might ask you to respond to these prompts, so be prepared.

Random Questions


Image: Lilly Lou Lijia via Pinterest

Are you running out of ideas to share with friends? This random question game is a great way to get ideas for your friends. The game consists of 10 questions. Some of the questions may be familiar, but others will help you to gain insight into the personality of your friend. This is the place to start if you are interested.

No, Yes, or Maybe

Image: Janaireeia Sallie via Pinterest

Snapchat Stories allow viewers to answer yes, maybe, and no questions. This game requires very little effort. It's possible to uncover some unexpected facts about Snapchat friends.

Quarantine bingo

Image: Keiko Lynn

The pandemic is not slowing down and most people are staying inside to stop the spread. You might also enjoy the Quarantine Edition of Bingo while you are at it. It is packed with fun activities that were popular in the quarantine period and it's a great way to get to know your friends.

What would you describe me to a stranger?

Image: The Untold Phrase via Pinterest

It is amazing to see how people perceive the same person differently. You might see a positive quality in someone else, but it might not be for you. You can use the Snapchat Story "How Would You Describe me to a Stranger" game to help you understand your friends' perceptions of you. You will get to see their perceptions of you.

GIF Challenge

Image: Keiko Lynn

GIFs are a big hit with you. You can join the Snapchat GIF Challenge if you are. Simply use the above template and add relevant GIFs to the circles. After you're done, you can upload the template and nominate friends for the challenge.

Please Send 2 Names

Image: Lilly Loulijia via Pinterest

Although this one is controversial it can be quite entertaining. Two friends can be added to the versus column. Then, ask your friends from the circle to tick the boxes. Because it asks for some personal information, you can say this belongs to private Snapchat stories.

Kiss, Kill and Marry

Image: Lilly Loulijia via Pinterest

You ask your friends to give you three names. After they have done that you can add their names to your kiss, kill or marriage columns. This will depend on how you feel. The game can be fun, but you should also be prepared to confront the person that you'd rather die. We won't say that we weren't warned you.

on My Phone

Image: Glamm Templates via Pinterest

Perhaps you've seen the "What's On My Phone" videos by YouTubers or influencers. But have you ever thought about which apps your friends use? This is where the game comes in. The Snapchat story "On my Phone" Snapchat game allows you to ask questions about your phone, such as their favourite app and the most recent text. This game can be very entertaining if you have the right people.

Habits Question

Image: Yaystorybingos

Have oddly specific questions that you would rather ask on r/TooAfraidToAsk? This is your chance to shine. You can pose questions people dismiss as boring through the Habit Questions Snapchat Story Game. You might even find effective methods to complete the chores that you thought you did wrong.

What I've Done

Image: StoryTemps

You will miss the big events and birthdays of your old friends as time goes by. The "Things I Have Done” game can be a great way to keep in touch with Snapchat friends and avoid awkward conversations. You can post it to your Snapchat Story, wait for friends' responses, then you can continue the conversation.

Tomorrow's Mood

Image: StoryTemps

We end the list with "Tomorrow's Mood", a word-search game that predicts your mood the day ahead. Although I don't like this type of game, there are some who enjoy it. You can post it on Snapchat to share your guesses with friends if you are one of these people.

These Snapchat Story Games can be played with friends

This brings us to our end of this list of top Snapchat story game apps. If you are interested in playing other games on Snapchat, make sure you do not miss out on our best Snapchat games roundup. What story game are you most likely to play together? Please let us know what you think in the comments. If you know of any Story games we should add to our list, please comment below so that our readers can see them.