A major part of watching Chainsaw Man anime involves witnessing brutal fight scenes, with powerful devils slaughtering each other. Some devils are as delicate as human beings, while others can bring out our worst nightmares. The obvious question is: Who are Chainsaw Man's most powerful devils? This is the question we are going to answer. Whatever their form may be, devil, fiend, or hybrid, everyone is on the radar. Here are the fifteen most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man.

15 of the Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man (Ranked).

Spoiler Warning This guide has major spoilers that will affect the whole plot of Chainsaw Man. Before diving in, we recommend reading every chapter of the CSM manga.

1. ### 1.

  • Main ability: Elimination devils
  • Human Contract(s): Denji

Without a doubt, Pochita, aka the Chainsaw Devil, is the most powerful devil in the Chainsaw Man franchise. Although it may seem like Chainsaw Man can be defeated by many devils, his losses are not permanent. If he wins it is literally the end of the devil. A devil who dies in this world is reborn in Hell, the CSM universe. If a devil is killed in hell, it can reincarnate into the human realm. This cycle seems endless, except for the moment when Pochita meets devil.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 95 (Shonen Jump)

**If Pochita conquers and eats a devil then it ceases not only to exist but also its fear. It is best illustrated by the Nazi devil. Everyone forgot about Nazis after it was consumed by the chainsaw-devil. This memory loss is only possible for the most powerful devils. Pochita, which can also be used to weaken the devils through eating a portion of them, is another option.

Chainsaw Man ate a large portion of the war devil's war machine, and all other wars were limited to series and movies. Pochita has no other way to stop his extreme powers. It's no wonder that every devil desires to have his heart.

2. Darkness Devil

  • Main Capability : Manipulation dark and invisible forces
  • Human Contract(s): Santa Claus

You might have seen the Chainsaw Man manga or watched it on TV to know that devils can be made from human fears. Fear is stronger than fear and devils are more powerful. The fear of dark is the most ancient fear that mankind has ever known. It led to the creation of Darkness the devil. The devil can only be found in hell. He is also known as the Primal Devil. These are God-like creatures who have never lived to death.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 64 (Shonen Jump)

When we first meet the Darkness devil in Chainsaw Man manga Chapter 64, it easily dismembers a group of devil hunters, including Denji. Even though we only glance at it, we can see that it causes hemorhage and inflicts heavy pressure. Although we don't yet know the full extent of this devil's power, we can see that it has the ability to manipulate dark and alter its environment. Chainsaw Man may have to face the Darkness devil as the story develops. This would allow him to rise to the top among the most powerful devils.

3. Gun Devil

  • Main Capability : Bullets kill thousands
  • Human Contract (s ): President USA, different gangsters and international governments

Although we can see the Gun Devil in chaos at the beginning of Chainsaw Man's first arc, the story of Chainsaw Man is only just starting. With a track record of killing 1.2 million people in five minutes, he is the fastest of all the devils. There is no match for his power. Even the powerful control devil had to team up with six devils to have a chance at defeating 20% of the gun devil, which still didn't work out.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 75 (Shonen Jump)

We can't imagine how powerful the gun devil would be with only a quarter of his body. However, don't think of its split body as weakness. It's nearly impossible to bring the parts of this gun devil together and make him a single person. But what if Pochita took its corpse? We'll have to see.

4. Control Devil

  • Main ability : She considers people inferior to herself as her commanding officers
  • Human Contract(s): Aki Hayakawa, Prime Minister of Japan, various devil hunters

If coolness was an element, Makima, aka the control devil, would top the Chainsaw Man's devil ranking. As long as her target is inferior, she has the ability to "command any person to do her bidding". She can control hybrids and humans as well as devils with this ability. She uses her ability to use the power of six devils in the final arc of CSM. She is intelligent, and she can manipulate international governments using her intellect.


She originally belonged to the Four Horsemen. These are biblically inspired characters who are believed to be the main antagonist group in Chainsaw Man. She separated from the Four Horsemen and set her own goal to transform the world using the power of Chainsaw Man. Makima could have achieved her goal if it weren't for Power (the blood fiend). Fans are thrilled about Makima's return. She is one of Denji's most powerful enemies.

5. ### 5.

  • Main ability : Making powerful weapons from regular objects
  • Human Contract(s): Mitaka

Yoru (or the war devil) is another member of the Four Horsemen, just like Makima. The war devil, however, is weaker than that of the control devil. The war devil suffered a loss of parts in her body during her encounter with Pochita. This weakened both her and her concept of war. This devil has the power to enflame wars throughout the world if she can somehow gain complete control of the pieces that were lost. We can only hope Makima will have such a powerful control over the human race.


War Fiend | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 98 (Shonen Jump)

Even though she is weak, war devils can make extreme weapons from ordinary objects and people's bodies. Yoru can use the school uniform knife to cut down the justice devil with one swing. This weapon is stronger if the item has sentimental value. We can only imagine the power of such a weapon for Yoru's family.

6. Angel Devil

  • Main ability : Using people's lives to make powerful weapons Human Contract (): None

The angel devil, a name that is ironic in its title, is one of Chainsaw Man's most powerful and underrated devils. By touching any person, he can **absorb all life spans. This is a blessing from the angel. This destructive power doesn't just affect people. The angel devil is able to transform the lives of the absorbed individuals into special weapons.


The angel devil creates weapons which are stronger than those used by other devils. Chapter 89 is a prime example. The angel devil uses a spear made from a thousand years of human lives against Chainsaw Man. Although it took much effort, this move was sufficient to defeat Denji. That's all for now.

7. Cosmos Devil

  • Main Capability : Complete knowledge of the universe
  • Human contract(s ): none

Think about having the entire knowledge of the universe at your fingertips. Cosmo, also known as the cosmos-devil, is in this situation. Cosmo is an omniscient being who has all of the wisdom from the cosmos in her head. Although you would expect such an imposing being to be the top of our Chainsaw Man devils' list, Cosmo has a weakness in hindsight. Because of the amount of information she has in her head, Cosmo can only speak the word "Halloween" and cannot access it all.


Cosmos Fiend | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 54 (Shonen Jump)

She is fortunate to be able to send all of the information into her enemies. Mentally, they are teleported to her library-like dimension which holds all of their omniscience. The enemy's mind becomes so overwhelmed that they cannot say or think anything other than "Halloween", just as Cosmo. This ability is capable of destroying even the most powerful devils in a matter of minutes if it's not controlled. Quanxi is able to control the cosmos evil so it won't happen again. For now, at least.

8. Doll Devil

  • Main ability : Making controllable puppets from people
  • Human Contract(s): Santa Claus

Imagine fighting a single enemy with knowledge. Now imagine fighting hundreds of enemies equipped with weapons and a collective mind. This is the kind of nightmare the doll devil could create if the circumstances are right. This devil was only a small part of the power we saw in Chapter 59, when Santa Claus signed a contract to this devil.


Doll Devil's Dolls | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 68 (Shonen Jump)

Simply touch people and she can create dolls. As the dolls touch her, she can control other people. However, before you dismiss her as being overpowered, the manga explains that she doesn't have any effect on fiends and devils. To be effective, the controller must be within close reach.

9. ### 9. Crossbow Devil

  • Main Capability : Fire dangerous arrows at alarming rates
  • Human Contract(s): Quanxi, a Chinese devil hunter

At the moment, Pochita is a hybrid Quanxi crossbow devil. As a combatant, she is extremely skilled and can shoot a lot of arrows at once towards a wide variety of foes. Her arrows act like powerful bullets, tearing through targets in a circle. She also uses several weapons in close combat to sever her enemies. It was her that saved the doll devil from his puppets.


Crossbow Hybrid | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 67 (Shonen Jump)

The crossbow devil's unique abilities are not the only thing that makes her stand out. Quanxi, her hybrid partner, is what makes the crossbow devil unique. She has control over many other devils. There are four fiend friends, each of which is a powerful devil. We are still waiting to witness the devil power of the three other fiends. Many people might be surprised that she made it without her girlfriends to the top of Chainsaw Man's powerful devils.

10. Hell Devil

  • Main Capability : Teleporting people from and to hell
  • Human contract(s ): Santa Claus, and members of Anti-Makima Squad

Humans are familiar with the fear of death or worse, ending up in hell after their deaths. This fear is what brings the terrifying hell devil to life. The devil with the most terrifying appearance of all devils has a centaur-like physique and raw flesh that is always on fire. It appears to be a six-fingered giant hanging from the heavens, but in human terms it looks more like an enormous hand.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 83 (Shonen Jump)

Its presence becomes less overwhelming when we concentrate on its ability to teleport people from hell. Its main strength is its ability to teleport others from hell. Although this may sound terrible to people, most devils who consider these realms their home are able to make it an easy trip. The hell devil still has the power to trap any person in hell, and it may even have greater powers to do so. This devil has only been seen in his true form (Chapter83).

11. Curse Devil

  • Main Capability : Its targets are mortally wounded
  • Human contract(s ): Akihayakawa, Santa Claus and Tolka’s unknown master


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 24 (Shonen Jump)

Curses may seem minor inconsistencies when you are facing deadly devil attacks. The Curse devil turns curses into one the most potent weapons in Chainsaw Man. This devil is available to summon the power of death upon signing a contract.

The Curse Devil summons the target, bites their neck and shoulders and then crushes them with its arms. To be considered a target, someone must first be punctured with a cursed nails. Although we don't yet know the exact mechanism by which the curse devil fights, its power is certainly frightening.

12. ### 12.

  • Main Capability : Blood manipulation and the creation of blood-based weaponry
  • Human Contract(s): Denji

The fan favorite, Power, in Chainsaw Man is the fiend form of the blood devil. She loves chaos and is known for creating havoc around everyone she meets. She is best known for creating blood-based weapons that can be used to defeat devils in many ways. This allows her flexibility and predictability while fighting all types of enemies.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 90 (Shonen Jump)

But behind her chaotic personality (as discussed in Power's facts guide) is a force that can turn any fight around. Consuming blood can help all the CSM devils as well as their CSM counterparts heal. Power has the ability to manipulate her blood and alter its function. This ability was used to defeat Makima's strong regeneration, leading to her final defeat.

13. Bomb Devil (Reze)

  • Main Capability : Using her body as explosives Human Contract (s ): Lady Reze

We now have Bomb Girl (aka Reze), the hybrid form of Bomb Devil**. This devil, true to her name can use parts of her body to launch explosives. She is, however, immune to these explosions as shown in Chapter 48. This allows her to be used as a decoy.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 44 (Shonen Jump)

Reze might seem a little traditional in front of demon powers. However, most devils can be affected by the bombs and Reze is an effective fighter in many situations. It is important to remember that the bomb devil, as it stands right now, is hybrid. This makes it nearly impossible to kill. She was, as many fans may recall, Denji's love interest for over a dozen chapters.

14. Ghost Devil

  • Main ability : Untouchability and invisibility
  • Human Contract(s): Himeno


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 34 (Shonen Jump)

Devils are difficult to defeat due to their strength and quick regeneration. But what if they were invisible to you? This is the kind of scenario you will face when fighting the ghost devil, who can disappear and become intangible. The ghost devil does not have eyes, so he relies on the fear of people to find them. Yet, Aki managed to overcome the ghost devil's fear by suppressing their fears. However, not all people are as sharp-witted and as intelligent as Aki. This makes them vulnerable to being crushed by the immense strength of the ghost devil.

15. Justice Devil

  • Main Capability : Become a strong being to deliver justice
  • Human Contract (s ): Yuko, her class president


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 106 (Shonen Jump)

The Justice devil is one the most recent devils to join our list of Chainsaw Man powerful devils. This devil thrives off people's perception of justice, and transforms it into an actual force to deliver justice. Although we are still not able to determine the exact power of this power it seems as powerful as our true sense of justice.

BONUS Devils (Ranked).

Although most of the devils of Chainsaw Man are easy to understand, some of their abilities can be difficult. They are still being explored in the manga. We have high hopes for the characters and are including them in Chainsaw Man's long-list of wildcard devils. They might prove to be more powerful than other CSM devils.

16. Future Devil

  • Main Capability : Looking into the Future Human Contract (): Akihayakawa, and other devil hunters


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 31 (Shonen Jump)

The future devil, a boastful friend to the devil hunters is an exceptional case. The future devil can see and even show the future. We are not sure if the devil is capable of manipulating the future or how far it can see into the future. We learn in Chapter 32 that the future devil is capable of seeing at least several months ahead. It was also able to accurately predict Aki’s death. Even though the future devil may not possess a devastating arsenal, it is still an asset to every team.

17. Punishment Devil

  • Main ability : Attacking targets using a range of weapons simultaneously
  • Human contract(s ): Yutaro Kurose, Michiko Tendo)


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 76 (Shonen Jump)

The punishment devil, as the name suggests, is the personification of human fear and punishment. The punishment devil appears as a group of conjoined bodies with dozens of weapons. It was only when Makima summoned this devil via its contractor that we were able to see it.

The Top 15 Most Powerful Devils of Chainsaw Man

Pochita might turn out to be Chainsaw Man's most powerful devil. This may not be what you expected. Did you also know that Denji is not alone in having a contract with Pochita? Explore how we know that and find out other lesser-known facts about Denji from Chainsaw Man in our dedicated guide. Do you agree or disagree with the devil ranking? Let us know in the comments! Is there another devil who should be included? Your input would be greatly appreciated.