The Apple Watch is a great companion for your iPhone, allowing you to check notifications at a glance, take calls, send walkie-talkie messages, and even check heart rate variability and heart rate recovery to keep a track of your fitness levels. Plus you can make it even better with some great third party apps for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is great for productivity, fitness and even gaming. Here are 15 of the best Apple Watch games that you can have fun with [watchOS8] (/watchos-8/).

Top WatchOS Games Free (Updated 2022).

1. Infinity Loop Blueprints

Is a puzzle game that you will love if you're a big fan. You will see a lot of pieces appear on the screen. Tap on them to rotate them, then connect them to make a closed loop.

The game starts out very simple as shown in the images below. But it quickly becomes more difficult. Infinity Loop can be a great way to spend a few minutes with your Apple Watch. It's a challenging, but fun game that will stimulate your brain. It's not exactly a brain training game, but it is fun, and it's free, so check it out right now.

Download Infinity Loop: Blueprints from the App Store (Free)

2. Dare the Monkey

Dare the Monkey is a fun little casual game that comes with easy controls and difficult gameplay. You just tap to jump and you can also tap higher to make bigger jumps if needed. You don't have to worry about the monkey running by itself. All you need is to make sure that you are on the right track and not get hit with any wooden stakes. The Apple Watch is a sweet platformer that runs on its own.

Download Dare the Monkey from the App Store (Free)

3. Ping Pong with Multiplayer Support!

Pong doesn't need to be introduced. Nearly everyone has experienced the game at least once on old consoles and PCs. With Ping Pong, the game can be played on your wrist! Play against your watch or use the Digital Crown to control the paddle. You can also challenge your friend, family member or colleague to a match using both the iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. Your friend will be able to play the game on their iPhone and you can do it on your watch. It is possible to have a lot fun with your friends by synchronizing the game.

Download Ping Pong from the App Store (Free)

4. Par 72 Golf

This one's for golf fans! Play golf with your Apple Watch now! Par 72 Golf, a simple game you can play on your Apple Watch is fun. You will have a lot of fun with this game thanks to its realistic graphics and aerodynamics. It features 3D graphics and wind, distance and player views. You can play one of three courses in the free version. For $0.99, you will unlock the entire 18-hole course.

Download Par 72 Golf Watch from the App Store (Free)

5. Pocket Plants

Pocket Plants offers a fun way to help you keep healthy. You don't need to tap the screen repeatedly to water your plants, unlike other virtual plant games. The plant will grow as you walk more with your Apple Watch each day. You can even create your very own garden by simply walking around. This is similar to Pokemon Go. You can also merge plants to create new species. It's a fantastic game that will add a little gamification to your daily life.

Download Pocket Plants from the App Store (Free)

6. Touch Round - Watch Game

You are looking for an Apple Watch racing game? You can get Touch Round for your Apple Watch, which offers a unique take on car racing. You use your Digital Crown in this game to control your car while it races through tracks. You must beat the clock to control the car and ensure it does not go off-road.

Download Touch Round from the App Store (Free)

7. Jellyfish Tap

Jellyfish Tap is not a game that I would recommend to anyone who gets easily frustrated. Imagine if you were Flappy Birds, but with your wristwatch. You can control the jellyfish by tapping on it. You must ensure the jellyfish doesn't get in the way of any bars. The game isn't as difficult as Flappy Birds, but it doesn't make the experience any easier. If you do die, don't smash your watch to frustration.

Download Jellyfish Tap from the App Store (Free)

8. Solitaire

This one's perfect for card gamers. Solitaire the Game, as the title suggests is a solitaire card game. You tap cards to place them on the deck. If you wish, you can choose new cards from your deck. The goal is to create groups of cards from Ace to King, separated according to card type. You can play it quickly and easily. I was able to complete one game in just 5 minutes.

To get help if you get stuck you can **firmly press the screen and select "Undo" or "New Deal". You can check your statistics easily by pressing down on the screen, and selecting the Statistics option.

Download Solitaire the Game from the App Store (Free)

9. Wordie

These word games can be very entertaining and are great for small screens like the Apple Watch. Wordie, a word game with a very simple concept is Wordie. You are shown four images. The theme or contents of each image will determine the word you choose. It starts out fairly simple and becomes more challenging as you progress.

Download Wordie from the App Store (Free)

10. Micropolis

Micropolis, which is an Apple Watch game that doesn't require any user interaction other than a tap or rotation of the digital crown (which it also does not need very often), makes Micropolis a fantastic choice. You can grow your city with your Apple Watch, earning more by upgrading and building new buildings, or simply repeat the whole process until your watch has a beautiful metropolis. The game's name is Micropolis, because it's tiny and not a large metropolis.

The game can be a lot fun and will keep you busy for a while. There are no boss fights, deadlines, or other requirements. All you need is your time and your desire to build your own city.

Download Micropolis from the App Store (Free)

###11. Sudoku

Sudoku is a well-known game. This is an easy game to learn and I am sure you don't need to elaborate on it. The game is challenging and fun. It also fits well within the Apple Watch's display so that it doesn't become distracting.

You can also enter text very easily in the game. Simply tap the blocks to select the number that you wish to put there. You can continue this process for the rest of the puzzle. Fun times!

Download Sudoku from the App Store (Free)


Many Apple Watch games include "the Game" as their names. This one is perfect for memory gamers, though I'm not sure why.

You will see four different colours on the screen, and they are lit up according to a specific pattern. To unlock the next level, tap the buttons that are in the same design. The game will add more buttons and occasionally change the button locations to confuse you after a while. One wrong move and you will have to begin from scratch. While it's great fun, you should not be stressed.

Download Mimic the Game from the App Store (Free)

Space Buster X

Space Buster X can be described as a brick breaker but also has space-themed levels. You control the ball by moving the paddle around, making sure it doesn't fall off the screen and destroying any bricks within the level. The digital crown controls paddle movement, which is very useful, but also allows you to lose the game if the paddle is moved too fast or slow.

Download Space Buster X from the App Store (Free)


Time Unit, another game that's idle and fun for Apple Watches, is also available. You'll be given a brief backstory, which is displayed as a comic strip. Then you will get into the zone. You will need to explore the various locations in the game and upgrade your character. Also, take on enemy to get more upgrades. You will need to spend some time unlocking new areas. Once they are unlocked, you'll see waves of enemies that you must tap to defeat.

While the game can be fun, it is not a particularly challenging one. It requires patience as you unlock new areas and other challenges.

Download Time Unit from the App Store (Free)

15. Field Day

Field Day is a farming game that touts itself as the tiniest farm in the world. It is actually quite small, fitting right into your Apple Watch for the most part. You can use the game on the Apple Watch or iPhone, and all your progress will be synced between both.

You can play the game on your watch by simply tapping to grow plants and rotate the digital crown so you can access other buildings. You will have to use the Apple Watch to navigate to some missions, such as selling carrots to a city baker. Field Day is still a great farming game. If you've ever played Hay Day, this might be a good one for you.

Download Field Day from the App Store (Free)

Enjoy These Fun Apple Watch Games for Free

These are 15 free and fun Apple Watch games you need to check out. This list includes puzzle, platformer, and card games. So no matter which type of watchOS game you are looking for, I'm sure you will find it. What games do you play on the Apple Watch? If you have any suggestions for free Apple Watch games, please let me know. I'll be sure to add them.