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Roblox's avatar shop has some of the best costumes available. There's something to suit everyone, from monsters and unique heroes. It can be difficult to find cute outfits for girls, or even characters. We have compiled the top Roblox girl costumes for you. You can choose from paid or free outfits. All you need to do beforehand is create a Roblox account and be ready to witness character development. Let's now look at the most amazing Roblox girl outfits that you could get for your character in 2022.

The Best Roblox Outfits for Character Girls (2022).

Unlike the best Minecraft girl skins, you can't download or automatically apply outfits to your characters. Roblox allows you to customize your character's outfits. So, make sure you know how to make a Roblox character to get these outfits working. However, the list below isn't ranked and you can explore every outfit using the table. You can also check out some of the best Roblox Piggy characters while you're at it.

Roblox Girl Outfits Free

1. Teen in Red

We start with a basic costume. This is an adventurer's outfit that features red and black clothing. These clothes will make your character look like a happy, fun-loving teenager. The costume's theme is also represented by the fan sign that they have on their backs. This costume is perfect for anyone who wants to go to Roblox's concert.


Pair Black Jeans and White Shoes Happy New Year Rat

  • Sign for a Fan by Hand The Encierro Cap Silly Fun
  • Black Ponytail

2. Royal in Pink

The next character is able to feel like they're on a stroll outside their luxury villa. The pink Gucci accessories and their outfit are a sign of wealth. They can easily blend in to any party with the elegant attire. You can also combine their look with existing clothing. You should not take away their quirky smile.



  • The Poster Girl Record
  • Sleepy Pajama Pants
  • Sleepy Pajama Top You can check it out
  • Gucci Round-Frame Sunglasses
  • Gucci Denim Wide Brim Hat
  • Kenneth body

3. Sleepy Fairy

This fairy offers some magic options to transform your look from ordinary clothing. The all-pink outfit even has a distinctive hairstyle. To add to the fairy aspect, they have a blue-pink magic shaft which can be used as a source of power. The glasses that look like eye masks, and the "zzz sins" on the head of the fairy are both a sign of sleepiness.



  • Sleepy Pajama Pants
  • Sleepy Pajama Top
  • Lavender Updo Silly Fun ZZZ Headband Sparks' Wand of Wonder
  • Gucci Round-Frame Sunglasses

4. City Life Woman


You don't have to change your clothes. Roblox can help you shed that common Roblox body. The outfit shows a slim body, modern accessories and cool cowboy boots. It also matches the contrast hairstyle. This outfit will make you stand out on any Roblox server.

Get City Life Woman Bundle

5. Beatrix, the Pirate Queen


Our next Roblox girl character outfit is not too overwhelming. Although it may look complicated to put together, you can easily equip the outfit with just one click. A long, jewel-encrusted coat and crown complete the pirate queen's look. This outfit is a symbol of power and adventure. This is the outfit to wear if your goal is to conquer the patriarchal world.

Get Beatrix The Pirate Queen Bundle

6. Casual Adidas

If you're a student, our next outfit will help you feel at home. This cute beanie is a great choice for students. It has a student look with the popular hairstyle. This character completes the look with a blue Adidas hoodie and black-and-white bottoms. You can dress up with your Roblox avatar by using common elements of the real world.



Silly Fun Black Jeans

  • Orange Beanie
  • Black Hair White Shoes

7. Cindy


Cindy is one the most beloved Roblox characters. This character is part of the Roblox official roster that Roblox players enjoy using. To add Cindy to your avatar collection, you only need to download the bundle. Cindy will be your welcome with her quirky glasses and cool jacket. The perfect fit for your impromptu adventures.

Get Cindy Bundle

8. Office Look


The next Roblox best character outfit is a modern office worker. The stunning business goat they are wearing goes perfectly with the formal trousers. To complete the look, the character is wearing a ponytail with matching accessories. Many individuals around the globe may have identical outfits to their official uniforms. This outfit is perfect for office settings.


Linin Character Gray - Business coat Black Wetsuit Pants

  • Pony Tail - Black
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Golden Headphones

9. Scientist in White

Next lady on the list proudly wears a magnificent lab coat, and is always looking for creative ways to make Roblox better. They don't work alone. This outfit includes a floating lab rat that reveals what kind of experiments the scientist is doing. You can take your scientist costume with or without the rodent if you're participating in a science-themed event.


Roblox T-shirt

  • Straight Bangs - Black Roblox T-Shirt White Trench coat - White
  • Linin Character Bodies
  • Canvas Shoes

10. Serena


Serena, a girl avatar that is reliable and easy to customize, might be the right choice. You get a free base character when you use one of the Roblox Avatars. You can customize Serena later by adding your personalization options.

Get Serena Bundle

The Best Paid Roblox Outfits for Girls

11. Blazeburner


Roblox outfits for girls don't need to be cute. Blazeburner proves that. The Blazeburner features a sci-fi futurist character dressed in a superhero costume. The outfit includes metal wings and weapon-like-horns as well as an iron-man-like arc reactor.

Get Blazeburner Bundle Cost: 250 Robux

12. C.Y.N.D.I


The next outfit transforms you into a futuristic Cyborg with robotic legs, unique hairstyle and out-of-time clothes. This outfit will make you stand out among girls, no matter if it is based in fantasy or simply fresh fashion.

Get C.Y.N.D.I Bundle _Cost:** $350 Robux

13. Beatrix, the Bee Cadet


Beatrix, a tiny bee from Roblox's world is shy but hardworking. Their cute bee wings, horns and black uniform feel like it belongs in a Pixar film. Beatrix's outfit is adorable, but it also has amazing quality and detail. This outfit was also named the winner in the Rthro Design Contest 2019.

Get Beatrix the Bee Cadet _Cost:_**250 Robux

14. Octavia The Ivory Spider-Girl


Octavia doesn't eat bugs, so don’t panic if you want to run away. I still recommend that you avoid looking into her eyes. Focus instead on the main outfit, which is a dark and simple dress with a web overlay that matches the grayish hair. Octavia is the winner of 2018 Rthro Design Contest and will support your efforts to scare or create a gothic community.

Get Octavia Bundle _Cost:_**250 Robux

15. Skater Gurl


Skater Gurl is a skater and is very skilled. Everything in the Skater Gurl costume is dedicated solely to skating, from the SKS cap to your knees to the SKS caps. Skating in Roblox is possible with or without the Skater Gurl costume.

Get Skater Gurl _Cost:_** ______ Robux

16. Gwen "Axe Angel" Rosewood


According to the character description, Gwen Rosewood is responsible for the Roblox tree trunk that has been cut cleanly. The angle is equipped with axes to fly and an informal uniform made of a relaxed cowboy outfit. The cowboy boots and bow at their heads make it simple to traverse the woods, while they don't need to fear. As long as no one is hurt in Tupperview Woods.

Get Gwen Bundle _Cost:_** ______ Robux

17. The Birdcaller


Birdcaller is the exact opposite to the character before. She loves wood and protects it with her birds. She is able to dance in the wind and can control birds with ease. Two bluebirds can be seen as part of her costume. Roblox's Birdcaller was one of the top entries in the 2018 Rthro Design Contest. She has been a popular character ever since.

Get The Birdcaller _Cost:_**250 Robux

18. Squad Ghouls: Wendy Cleohamon


Wendy is a normal teenager who cheers with her cheerleading team. Wendy, however, is a member of an undead mob who refused to let death stop her from cheerleading. With such a tragic story and a body covered in surgical tape, Wendy, for you, is the perfect outfit to wear for any of the best scary Roblox games.

Get Wendy Cleohamon _Cost:_** $600 Robux

19. Dr. Lauren, Artifact Excavator


Dr. Lauren can help you if you've ever lost Lara Croft when playing modern games. Her potential to be the next Tomb Raider protagonist is unquestioned. She has a complete kit that includes a map of the world, a treasure map and tactical gear. Roblox has Dr. Lauren's back, no matter if you want to find an Egyptian tomb or hunt down the evil guys.

Get Dr. Lauren Cost: $_50_0 Robux

20. Wyldfire Fairy


If you look at the other Roblox outfits, the next Roblox girl character outfit is more expensive than the others. The outfit has many positive aspects. The outfit features a beautiful guardian costume with large wings and an immortal flame costume. It also has a distinctive blonde hairstyle. This fairy is a great choice if you are looking to play on a Roblox role-playing server, or just want to enter a fantasy realm in Roblox.

Get Wyldfire Fairy Cost: _____0 Robux

Roblox Girls Outfits

21. Stellar, the Solar Scientist


Stellar, the brilliant solar scientist outfit is the perfect candidate to start the cute segment. Her mission is to explore space and find alien life. The spacesuit she wears is distinctive in design, and it doesn't feel bulky like the real thing. The flag is attached to it with a star at the center, which reminds me of the stars that always float around Stellar.

Get Stellar _Cost:_**250 Robux

22. Star-Mist Fairy


We have another fairy who lives in another galaxy, keeping up with the fantasy vibes. To find the mysteries of the universe, she has explored our stars. Even if they don't exist, she has won the Rthro Design Contest 2018 with her princess-like gown and star-studded wings.

Get Star Mist Fairy _Cost:_**250 Robux

23. Fergusguy300 - Astolfo


You don't need to abandon the blocky shape of your Roblox character when creating cute Roblox characters. Astolfo proves this. Astolfo wears a teen outfit that features a coral-pink dress and purple code. If you don't recognize her, she is from the Fale/Apocrypha anime. She might even be in the Grand Order mobile-game.


  • _Pink hair cute bow tie (100).
  • _Astolfo Casual shirt (5)
  • Astolfo Casual Pants ((5))
  • Cutiemouse (15)
  • Simple Black Hair Bows (50)
  • Total Cost: 175 Robux

24. Nezuko kamado from Smhmica


Missing Demon Slayer is inevitable if you've been involved in the Anime Community for years. The next Roblox Girl character outfit features the most adorable character in that series. This outfit shows Nezuko in her traditional Kimono, with a bamboo covering her mouth. Although the outfit shows care about details, it doesn't detract from the blocky appearance of Roblox characters.


  • Long Black Hair(80)
  • Nezuko Kamado top(5)
  • Nezuko Kamado bottoms(5)
  • Joyful Expressional Mask (65)
  • Cute Pink Double-Line Hair Pins(20)
  • Bamboo Snack(25)
  • _NewSide Bangs In Black (40)
  • Total Cost: 240 Robux

25. Get Hugs Free of Charge from Yye12050


When you see our new outfit, it is impossible not to hug it. Roblox has a cute bear that looks like a bear, and it comes with a sign that says "free hugging". Only exception is the adorable teddy bear that sits on the shoulder of the costume. This "free hug" outfit may help you get through any difficulties while making Roblox friends.


  • Free Hugs Poster (20)
  • Cute Y2K Aesthetic Bear Pants(5)
  • Cute Y2K Aesthetic Bear shirt(5)
  • &gt;_< face(55)
  • Cutesy Bear Hood (60)
  • _Little Teddy Bear Buddy (15)
  • Autumn Aura(60)
  • Floofy Blonde Hair(50)
  • Total Cost: 270 Robux

26. Kawaii Rabbit from SquidWaters


This outfit may be either scary or cute, depending on your personal taste and where it is used. A cute pink outfit is paired with a bunny costume, which includes a bunny head and ears. The shoes she is wearing are also matching, but the heels of her injuries lie below them. You can imagine a funny story or demonic history behind the injuries.


  • Tiny Kawaii Mask(50)
  • _Cute Bunny filter w/ blush (White) (50)
  • _Plain White Cat Tie (100)
  • Lose White Anime Buns (80)
  • kawaii pink plaid skirt(7)
  • Kawaii delicate top(5)
  • Total Cost: 292 Robux

27. #### 27.


The online gaming experience for gamer girls can be quite unpleasant due to the many weird gamers. They now have an outfit that shouts the exact same thing. This outfit is a school uniform, a white gown with rabbit-eared headphones. The best thing about this character is its angry expression.


  • Gaming Kitty Headphones Pink (50)
  • Aesthetic pink Top(5)
  • Aesthetic Pink Soft skirt(5)
  • _Cute Expressional Mask (65)
  • Aesthetic split bangs hair in blonde (75)
  • Total Cost: 200 Robux

28. Mollydonuts1256 - Black & White Cat


Cat-themed costumes are a favorite choice of Minecraft girls who want the most beautiful skins. The Roblox community is no exception. Roblox's next girl character costume is a black-and-white cat costume with checkered clothing, cat ears and a hat.


  • Woman(0)
  • White Checkered Cat Beanie (50)
  • Skin Color Head w/ Horns(100)
  • _Curtain Bans in Brown (22)
  • Kate Brunette High ponytail (75)
  • Preppy checked skirt (5)_
  • Preppy checked skirt Pant(5)_
  • Laughing Fun(100)
  • Black Heart Confetti (66)_
  • Total Cost: 423 Robux


Our next outfit for girls features simple styling, such as a short hairdo, tiny hat and floral dress. To complete her look, the character has unique expressions and round glasses. This character is perfect for fun and quirky adventures.


  • Woman(0) _peach Butterfly Flower Set Jean Soft Vintage Sodti(5)
  • White Wavy Hair (90)
  • Whistle(33)
  • White Trendy Hat (75)
  • Rosey Gold Vintage Glasses (125)
  • Total Cost: 328 Robux

30. Froggy by L1zz1eL1z


The 2022 year has witnessed a huge influx of adorable frogs all over the globe. Roblox can't live without them, so Roblox has to have the best girly outfits. To end the story on an adorable note, here's a cute outfit featuring a cute frog head cap, cute shirt, and cute pants. Our list of the best Roblox character girl outfits is simply adorable.


  • Woman(0)
  • _Pretty Butterfly Girl Necklace one Shoulder Jeans(8)
  • CUTE Frog shirt with collar(5)
  • Frog Aesthetic Hat (59)
  • Aesthetic split bangs hair in brown to blonde (75)
  • Laughing Fun(100)
  • Total Cost: 247

Get Aesthetic Roblox Character Girls Outfits

These Roblox girl character outfits are perfect for anyone who wants to be cute and/or try new games. While some are bold and independent, others are simply adorable. To enjoy Roblox in a new way, you only need to equip them. But if you want even more customization then you can take a few steps and travel to the world of Minecraft. You can create your Minecraft skins here. Although they are pixelated they offer more customization options. What is your favourite girl's outfit? Comment below!