With the new Minecraft 1.18 update, all the players are excited to try the newly added Minecraft biomes. The lush caves biome is one of the most-loved. The beautiful cave biome is full of surprises, from its underground plants and glowberries to the temperate beauty. However, it is not as simple as you might think to find the lush caves. We have compiled the top Minecraft 1.18 lush caverns seeds to help you get there. These seeds will work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions to generate a similar world. The key coordinates of cave entrances, and other locations are also included in the list. Let's now look at the top Minecraft 1.18 lush caves seed.

Minecraft 1.18 Lush Caves seeds (2021)

Each seed has been tested on several editions of Minecraft, such as Minecraft 1.18 Java and Minecraft Bedrock. You can therefore expect the seeds to work flawlessly on any edition that supports Minecraft 1.18 Java, Bedrock and PE. They are not ranked. The table below will allow you to browse them according to your interests.

1. Seaside Ravine Cave


Our first seed spawns on a large jungle island. The ocean is our spawning place. Don't be distracted. Now, you need to locate the ravine that opens right beside our spawning point. The entrance has a waterfall and a lava chute.

Things get even more interesting as you go deeper into the cave. You can find amazing iron ore in this cave, which could give you an excellent start in survival. The cave also has an extensive tunnel system. To avoid becoming lost, keep your track of where you are.

  • Seed Code: -1835880227
  • Biomes* Jungle, Ocean Cave Entry Coordinates: Z: 52, X:106, Y. 63, Z. 52

2. Overground Lush Caves


In general, lush caves are very rare. Our next article will cover the most rare types of lush caves seeds in Minecraft 1.18. Underground exploration is the best way to find lush caves.

This seed however spawns us right next to a lush overground cave. This biome is created in large, but not very deep ravines. The biome looks its best when it is lit by the sun, as the light can't penetrate caves. It is possible to explore deeper into the cave to reach a lush underwater cave.

  • Seed Code: -1207026937 Biomes Snowy Taiga, Frozen River Cave Entry Coordinates: Z: 83, Y: 44, Y: 55, Z: 883

3. ### 3.


The next seed allows us to explore beautiful caves in an entirely new way. You don't have to climb down into ravines or dig into them. Instead, you can enter this one by walking sideways. This seed spawns on the top of a mountain near an ocean. This means that you can jump directly into the sea and not suffer any falls.

This very ocean is home to an "exposed lush cave" through a mountain. You can see the cave expanding out from the opening onto various mountain edges (see above). You can enter the cave by choosing to go under it. Fishes interact with it and with other features.

  • Seed Code: -1058557249 Biomes Grove Cave Entrance Coordinates:X:123,Y:72,Z:393

4. Huge Underwater Caves


This entry is on our top list of Minecraft 1.18 lush caverns seeds. If you enjoy underwater exploration you'll love it. The island is located next to the frozen ocean and contains one of the most beautiful underwater lush caves. You will see the cave's unique properties on both the ocean's surface and within the ravines. With limited visibility, underwater lush caves can be difficult to locate. So, make sure you create a Potion of Night Vision to see better.

  • Seed Code: -2002534329 Biomes: Frozen Ocean, Taiga Cave Entrance Coordinates X, Y,10, Z:-225

5. ### 5.


It's a joy to play with the next cave seed. The spawn takes place on a gorgeous taiga-idyll, which is surrounded by an enormous ocean. It is a beautiful area, but it also provides sufficient supplies to enable survival gaming. If you continue to explore the island you'll find a river that was built upon top of a rich cave biome.

This area has narrow cave openings. It is best to dig straight beneath the river. This will take you into a beautiful cave with dozens of water pools. This biome usually only contains a few of these, but the seed will give you full access to pool generation in new Minecraft. If you want to go deeper, there is an underwater lush cave.

  • Seed Code: 1689775467 Biomes Taiga Beach, Ocean
  • Cave Coordinates: X: -685, Y: 14, Z: 252

6. ### 6.


The next seed not only offers a small area of beautiful caves, but also a network. No matter which dig point or cave opening you select around your spawn for the next generation, they all lead to lush caves. It feels impossible to imagine such a vast network of lush, continuous caves.

This seed will spawn us on top. You can get an advantage in the game by spawning in dark forests. This area also has more mobs because it is a dark forest. We recommend that you exercise caution when entering the dense caves biome or the caves.

  • Seed Code: 1952358 Biomes Dark Forest, Ocean

7. ### 7.


According to the new terrain generation system lush caves can be found in warm biomes such as forests or jungles. This seed is changing all that. This seed spawns beautiful caves beneath the wooded and badlands. The unique spawn also means that the Caves intersect with Mineshafts.

This Minecraft 1.18 rich caves seed will give you an cave built directly under a mushroom islands. According to our tests, there were no mobs that spawned under the island's cave. You can find a few mobs if you go further into the caves from that area. This seed will give you a lot more to be concerned about. The best thing about this seed is its proximity to our spawning point.

  • Seed Code: 1952358
  • Biomes* Ocean and Plains
  • Cave Coordinates: X: 63, Y: 8, Z: 328 Mushroom island Coordinates: Z: 382, X: 663, Y 71, Z: 385

8. Badlands Lush Caves and Mineshaft


According to the new terrain generation system lush caves can be found in warm biomes such as forests or jungles. This seed is changing all that. This seed spawns beautiful caves beneath the wooded and badlands. The unique spawn also means that the caves can intersect with mineshafts.

Badlands and all its variations have mineshafts. You can find mineshafts in any cave. Once you've found your way there, the caves won't be hard to find. You can see the lush, cave-like spawn from this seed on the mountain side of a badlands forest. It would not be possible to find a seed similar to this one, as mine shafts exist in Java and Bedrock.

  • Seed Code: -1106473550
  • Biomes: Savanna
  • Cave Coordinates: X: -839, Y: 70, Z: 557

Try The Best Minecraft 1.18 Lush Caves seeds

These Minecraft 1.18 seeds will take you to some of the most lush and beautiful caves on the PC, console or mobile. But do keep a Potion of Invisibility around to avoid the hostile mobs that spawn in these caves. You can even install some of the best Minecraft mods to get extra help in your exploration. One such popular mod is Optifine for Minecraft 1.18, and it can help you improve your graphics and FPS in Minecraft. It can even compete with the RTX in Minecraft Bedrock edition, thanks to the use of shaders. Mods or no, these best Minecraft 1.18 lush caverns seeds offer plenty of value. So get in on the action! If you find more seeds that are similar to or even better, please share them with us in the comment section.