Handoff makes it easy to move from one iDevice into another. For instance, you can start creating an email on your iPhone, then switch to your nearby Mac and pick up from where you left off. It's quite neat. However, this is only possible in an ideal situation with all the settings enabled. A number of iDevice users reported that Handoff was not functioning on their iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Apple Watches. Because I've been there, done that. So I understand what might be going on. These 8 tips will help you fix the Handoff issues on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

Here are some tips to fix the Handoff not Working issue on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs

Handoff is part of the Continuity suite and requires all your iDevices be in sync. Everything must be available across all devices, from iCloud to Wi Fi to Bluetooth to seamlessly transfer activities.

You may still be unable to transfer activities between devices. This could be caused by an occasional glitch, which is part of every software program. Or a software bug that has become more common on the Apple ecosystem.

Let's now look at all possible causes and find reliable ways to fix Handoff problems. These tips work with older software versions, such as iOS 12/13/14 and macOS Catalina/Big Sur. These tips can be used on older software versions, so you don't have to worry about them.

Requirements for the ### Handoff Systems

The system requirements are the first thing you need to check. Although it may seem redundant, it is important to review the requirements for Handoff to avoid any incompatibility.

**This is the Handoff for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models

  • iPhone 5 and later
  • iPad 4th Generation or Newer
  • _iPad Pro all models
  • _iPad mini 2 or higher
  • iPad Air 1, or later
  • _iPod Touch 5th Generation or Newer

Handoff can only be used on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch running iOS 8 or higher.

Following Mac Models Support Handoff

  • The MacBook was introduced in 2015, or later
  • The MacBook Pro was introduced in 2012, or later
  • The _MacBook Air was introduced later in 2012
  • The Mac mini was introduced in 2012, or later
  • _iMac was introduced 2012 or later
  • iMacPro (all models)
  • Mac Pro was introduced 2013 or later.

Ensure your Mac runs OS X Yosemite (or later).

Apple Watch Models that Support Handoff

You can bet that all Apple Watch models have Handoff compatibility, from the 2015 Apple Watch to the 2021 Apple Watch Series 7.

1. ### 1.

You should also ensure the app supports Handoff. Mail, Safari, Mail, Mail, Calendar, Reminders and Calendar are all first-party apps which support Handoff.

There are a number of popular third-party apps that are compatible with Handoff including Airbnb, NYTimes, iA Writer Pro, Pocket, Things 3, Deliveries, weather apps like CARROT Weather, Fantastical 2, Bear, Yoink, and Drafts.

Handoff was introduced in iOS 8 back in 2014. However, there are many applications that don't support Handoff. Make sure that you don't use an app which isn't yet compatible with Handoff.

2. ### 2.

Handoff works consistently because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both enabled. To fix the issue, you can turn Bluetooth or Wi-Fi off/on again.

On iOS devices: Open Settings app-> Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. You can turn Bluetooth or Wi-Fi off/on from the Control Center. Swipe up from bottom to access Control Center.


On Mac Select the WiFi and Bluetooth menu to turn them on/off.

On Apple Watch Go to Settings App -> Bluetooth/WiFi. Next, toggle the toggles on/off.


3. ### 3.

Try turning off/on Handoff if you still haven't found a solution. Reboot all your devices.

On iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings->General->AirPlay & Handoff, then turn off Handoff. Turn on Handoff and restart your iOS device.


Face ID enabled iOS devices: Press and hold both the volume button (up/down) and power buttons simultaneously. To turn off your device, move the poweroff slider. For iOS devices that have the Home/TouchID button, push the power button. Drag the power slider to turn your device off.

On Mac: Select the Apple menu at the top-left corner of your screen, and then choose System Preferences. Select General next.


Then, select **Allow Handoff between This Mac and Your iCloud Devices **.". Next, reboot your Mac using Apple menu -> Restart. After this, enable Handoff.


Apple Watch Open Watch App on iPhone > General Turn off Enable handoff Restart your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button, then moving the power on slider. Next, turn on Handoff for your Apple Watch.


4. ### 4.

Handoff must work across all iDevices if you are signed in to the exact same iCloud account. If you still have problems after sync, log out and sign in again to iCloud.

On iOS devices: Go to the Settings App and select your profile. Next, click Sign out. Wait for a while, then log in again to your iCloud.


On your Mac Go to **System Preferences-> Apple ID-> Overview-> Sign Out. Sign in again to your account.

On the Apple Watch Sign out of iCloud when you pair an iPhone with your Apple Watch.

5. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings can help Handoff function properly if it is not able to move your activities between iDevices. It has the ability to fix common network issues, which is why I trust it will solve my Handoff problems. If your iOS device has network problems, there are good chances that it can reset network settings to save you.


Go to the Settings App from your iOS device. Next, navigate to General->Reset->Reset Network Settings. To confirm, enter your passcode for the device and click Reset Network Settings. Connect your device again to Wi-Fi and verify that Handoff is working.

6. ### 6.

Many a time, putting the iOS device to factory default helps in fixing both complex and common issues with iOS 15. This solution is so reliable that we should not overlook it. I can assure you, if you're concerned about losing data, it won't wipe your existing settings. All of your media/data will still be secure.


Navigate to Settings App -> General-> Reset-> All Settings. Next, type the passcode again and click on Reset All Settings.

7. ### 7.

If you are unable to pick up your left activity on the Apple Watch, erase your Apple Watch and re-pair it with your iPhone. You don't need to worry about data being lost because watchOS does all the backups behind-the scenes.


On your Apple Watch -> General, open Settings app and select Reset to Delete All Content**. Enter your Apple Watch passcode to confirm this activity.

8. ### 8.

Handoff problems may have caused you to be forced to travel far. The best solution to this problem is to upgrade the software. You can most likely fix the issue by updating the software on your device.


On iOS devices: Open Settings app->General->Software Update Download and install iOS/iPadOS the most recent version on your iOS device.

On Mac Go to System Preferences->Software Update Download and install macOS version 5.0 on your Mac.


On Apple Watch If you have watchOS 6 installed, go to Settings App -> General-> Software Update. Next, you will need to download the most recent version of watchOS for your Apple Watch. You can also launch the Watch app from your iPhone via General > Software Update. Then, do what you need.


Here are some Pro Tips for Troubleshooting Handoff Issues with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac

This is it. You should have solved the problem by the time you finish each troubleshooting guide. This time, there's no exception. Do you have any tips or tricks to help me fix the Handoff problems? What did you do? Did it be a simple reboot or a software upgrade that saved your life? Send us your feedback.