Although the redesign of Safari browser [iOS-15] has not been well received by iPhone users, there are a few features that I have found appealing from the beginning. While Tab Groups offer a better way to manage tabs, the Landscape Tab Bar gives you easier access to all your open tabs on your iPhone. You may still be using tabs and browsing through tabs in order to navigate between sites. We're here to help you understand Safari Landscape Tab Bar and its use on iOS 15.

Safari Landscape Tab Bar for iPhone

Safari Landscape Tab Bar: What Is It and How Does it Work in iOS 15?

Inspired by the macOS Safari tabbar, iOS 15's Safari browser features a Landscape Tab Bar. Safari will display a tab bar beneath the address bar on iPhone when this feature is enabled. You can use the Mac-style horizontal tabbar to swipe through any open tabs, or tap and toggle between them seamlessly just like you do with your Mac. This means that you don't need to tap "Tab", to toggle tabs when browsing landscape mode.


Safari tab bar on Mac


Safari Landscape Tab Bar on iOS 15

Landscape Tab Bar makes it easier to differentiate between tabs. It displays not just the logo of the site, but also a portion of its title. It also highlights the active tab separately in light grey. It's a clever implementation, which will enhance your iPhone's browsing experience with iOS 15.

You will love Safari's tabbar design if you use it on your Mac. Let's now learn how to enable Landscape Tab Bar in Safari for iPhone.

Safari Landscape Tab Bar: How to Disable / Enable it on iPhone

1. 1. Launch the "Settings App" on your iPhone.


2. Scroll down to select Safari.


3. 3


That's it! Safari will now show a dedicated tab bar that displays all open tabs when you use landscape mode with your iOS 15 device.

Safari Landscape Tab Bar: Switch between tabs faster

Safari will automatically display the tabs that are open when your iPhone is in landscape orientation if you have the Landscape Tab Bar enabled. To switch between tabs open, swipe horizontally through them or tap on the tab that interests you. It's really that simple.


It's easier to arrange tabs using the Landscape Tab Bar mode. You can do this by long-pressing and holding on the tab. You can then drag the tab from its current location and drop it in the spot you want, much as a Mac user would do.

Tap the Tab overview icon to open tabs in horizontal zoomed-out layout. You can also quickly search for a particular tab using the search tool and then jump to it. Below are screenshots showing the horizontal layout.



Safari for iPhone ## Switch between tabs faster

You have it. This is how to enable Safari Landscape Tab Bar for your iPhone. It's a great addition to iOS 15, and will play an important role in improving the browsing experience. As someone who enjoys using extensions on Mac, the introduction of extensions in Safari for iOS 15 has also appealed to my taste. Are you happy with the new Safari tab bar design, landscape mode? What about other improvements? Please leave your comments below.