Fans are eager to finally see Aki Hayakawa live in action with the Chainsaw Man anime. We couldn't be more pleased with the anime version of Aki Hayakawa, who has been a beloved character in the franchise from the beginning. Even though Aki has a large fanbase, many people are not aware of certain aspects about his personality. We have put together a list of some of our favorite facts about Aki Hayakawa, Chainsaw Man, to pay tribute. Keep your tissues close at hand, as there are some more heartbreaking and tragic stories than you would think.

Facts about Aki Hayakawa, Chainsaw Man (2022).

Spoiler Warning: Some facts contained in this guide may contain spoilers regarding the Chainsaw Man manga's Public Safety Arc. We suggest_ watching the Chainsaw Man anime or reading the manga, at least till chapter 97, to avoid hampering the intended experience.

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Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto

You read that right. Aki signed multiple contracts with four devils instead of one, and agreed to each share his power for the rest of his life. He signed his first contract with the Fox devil. Then he entered into contracts with both the Curse and Future devils.

He did not want to sign the fourth contract. The control devil forced Aki to make a contract with her in exchange for his entire being. The spree of devilish power didn't stop with Aki. Continue reading to learn more.

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Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 11 (Shonen Jump)

Although it isn't a requirement for devil hunters to eat Japanese cuisine, Aki Hayakawa is a master chef. When Power and Denji stayed at his place, he was the one who saved them from experimental meals with his great cooking. He even prepared microwaveable meals to feed them on his trip to Hokkaido. These gestures were not only a sign of his confidence and cooking abilities, but also shows how much he loved his friends.

Aki assumed the role of an older brother and took care of his two noisy children. He also protected them from any harm.

3. He Was Born In Volcano-Prone Hokkaido

Chainsaw Man's Aki was born in Japan's Hokkaido, the nation’s second-largest island. This region is known for Asahi volcano, which can erupt in rare, but appropriate circumstances.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 04 (Shonen Jump)

The volcanic birthplace of Aki is more than a coincidence. It's a reflection of his personality. He had the most calm demeanor of all Public Safety Devil Hunters. In Chapter 4, however, we learn that "Aki would rather the devils die in pain" Denji is warned against sympathizing or sympathizing. He also has a harsh attitude toward them. He lost his whole family to the attack by the gun devil.

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Fujimoto Tatsuki (manga/author of Chainsaw Man) revealed that Aki's name derived from an AK47 gun during an interview. To make the name sound more like Aki, he modified it slightly by writing it in Japanese. The clever alteration is an obvious reference to Aki's greatest enemy, the Gun devil. This name also refers to Aki's fate, which is that he will become the Gun fiend in his future.

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From the way Aki gets jealous over all the attention Denji gets from Makima, it's clear that he has certain romantic feelings for her. Denji even attempts to find out if Makima really is as great as they think she is, and he defends his benevolence.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 74 (Shonen Jump)

Makima doesn't appreciate all this. Makima constantly undercuts Aki, and she bosses him around with little appreciation. Many fans believe this behavior is a sign that Aki has fallen under Makima’s control and his emotions are just a mirage. To make matters worse, Aki was unable to remember why Makima liked him towards the end the Chainsaw Man manga's first arc.

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Shueisha (a Japanese publisher who is also Shonen Jump's partner) conducted two polls about the Chainsaw Man characters. With 25,704 votes, Aki was third in the first poll. He topped the poll with 88.868 votes. The numbers show that his simple, yet charming personality is very popular with fans.

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Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Shonen Jump)

Aki's topknot style can be seen from many angles. It looks almost like a top-end, or the hammer end of a gun. It can easily be mistaken for treating as a normal hairstyle. This simple style can quickly become a tragedy when Aki is the gun fiend.

Aki is in that state with a pistol or handgun coming out his head. His hammer sticks out from the back of Aki's head. The handgun replaces Aki's topknot and creates heartbreaking images for his fans.

8. He has strong control over his feelings

It is clear from the first time we see Aki Hayakawa, Chainsaw Man that he's calm and does not show emotion often. He doesn't show his emotions unless he wants to. This quality is best illustrated in Chapter 25 of manga. It features the ghost devil who sees only people when they feel fear. However, Aki managed to control his emotions and avoid the devil's attacks.


In later segments, Aki is shown grieving the deaths of his friends and feeling guilt. He doesn't allow anyone to see how he feels. He waits until he is alone at home, then Aki lets out his emotions and laughs.

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Although Aki initially seems hostile to their presence, he eventually comes around and begins caring for Denji/Power as the series goes on. They can stay in his apartment. He cooks and acts as a father figure to them. He does seem to be embarrassed at the careless Denji and his ill-mannered ways.


However, their actions are not enough to make Aki feel like a member of the family. They formed a strong bond while living together. One prime example of his connection with Aki and their feelings can be seen in the moment when he is willing to "withdraw" from his long-term mission to hunt down the gun devil. This is because it puts Power and Denji at risk. He also leaves them his inheritance, so they will be taken care of even when he isn't there.

10. A Devil Lives Inside Aki


A rather strange contract allowed Aki to allow the future devil live in his right-eye. The devil gave Aki some power in return for which he could see a little bit into the future. The future devil mocked Aki by telling him that Aki would die the worst possible way. We all know the ending of Aki's story in the Manga's later chapters.

Here are some interesting facts about Aki Hayakawa, Chainsaw Man

Do you feel guilty for Aki? Are you enjoying Chainsaw Man's majestic Aki Hayakawa? We will let you judge Aki's character based on all of the information available about him. Keep in mind, however that Aki is not the only one who has suffered from tragedy. The prime example on the flip side is Asa Mitaka (War devil), who's getting ready to become the new villain in Chainsaw Man. To learn more about Mitaka, you can refer to our guide. Let's not forget the humans. Who is Chainsaw Man's favorite devil? We want to hear from you in the comments!