Chainsaw Man is streaming now, and many fans have already fallen in love with one of the main characters. Makima is the main character in Chainsaw Man's anime. She has become a household name and everyone outside and inside Chainsaw Man are obsessed with her. There may be something more to her charming smile than meets the eye. What do you want to know? We'll dive in and learn everything we can about Makima, Chainsaw Man. We have everything you need to know about Makima in Chainsaw Man, from her secrets and her strength.

The Complete Guide to ## Makima at Chainsaw Man

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains the most important spoilers about Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Arc (up until Chapter 97). We suggest you watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga first, at least till chapter 97, to avoid wrecking your experience._

Makima is Chainsaw Man

Makima is the protagonist of Chainsaw Man's first story arc. We learn early in the story that Makima is senior officer of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, and she leads an experimental unit called Tokyo special division 4.

This leads us to her first appearance, where she finds Denji after he first transforms into the Chainsaw Man (first anime episode) and offers him to join her squad. Denji says Makima is the friendliest and most compassionate person he has ever met, as well as the one who treated him like a human. Even after the first meeting, he develops romantic feelings towards her.


Chainsaw Man is disappointed to discover that Makima, the control devil, has the ability to control all other creatures. To control someone she must first convince herself she is capable of defeating that being. Makima then uses Denji’s love to lure him into her scheme and gradually weakens him so that she can take control of Chainsaw Man's power.

How do you define Makima's Goal?

When the control devil is initially introduced, we learn that Makima aims to control Pochita and use the Chainsaw devil's power of devil erasure to create an ideal world. Her ideal world would be free from fear and death as well as conceptually awful movies.

In Chapter 96, Makima believes she has defeated Pochita and shares her desire to live happily ever after. Even if defeated, she claims that it would be an honour to defeat him.

Four Horsemen at Chainsaw Man

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a Christian mythological group of four horsemen, are similar to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However the Four Horsemen of the Chainsaw Man tale refers to a dangerous group of devils. They are the only ones who can remember the names and are not erased by Pochita, as revealed in Chapter.87. The following devils make up this group:

  • Control Devil
  • War Devil
  • Hunger Devil
  • Death Devil

As we know, Control Devil (or Makima) is the antagonist in the first arc. As Chapter 98 revealed, Yoru, or the War Devil, is the principal villain in the second arc. The Four Horsemen appear to be the main villain in Chainsaw Man's story. It won't surprise to find new villains in later stories. All the movie and pop culture references in the Chainsaw Man opening theme were proof that it always does the unexpected.

Chainsaw Man Makima Abilities

Makima is the devil with the greatest number of talents, compared to the rest. We will be covering each of her capabilities in separate sections to help you understand.

Common Forces

These are just a few of the many abilities shared by Makima.

Regeneration Makima, like any other devil can heal her wounds through the consumption of blood.

  • Strength Makima, a Chainsaw Man manga/anime character that excels in direct combat is considered to be one of the most powerful and skilled. She has defeated Chainsaw Devil twice, as revealed in Chapter 96.

Devil Contract: All devils have the ability to make agreements with people in order to give them their power and receive some compensation. Makima takes this skill to the next level when he signs a contract for the Prime Minister Japan. All fatalities inflicted upon Makima are passed on to Japanese citizens as random diseases.

Extra Powers

Makima's special powers are different from devil to devil.

Command The most famous ability Makima has is to control any being she considers inferior. In the beginning of the manga it was believed that Makima could control only small animals like birds and rats. We later discover that this is incorrect and her ability to control humans extends beyond animals. She can force individuals to sign devil-contracts with her**. However, the people she controls don't remember ever doing anything.

Stealing Abilities – The control devil has the ability to use the power of her victims, proving the scope of her abilities. She uses the powers of the angel devil and snake devil to control her victims. Makima, as shown in Chapters 65 and 67 can listen to conversations and spy on others using rats and birds.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 66 (Shonen Jump)

  • Invisible projectiles: Chainsaw Man's Makima has the ability to use her index finger** to shoot invisible force-based bullets** which inflict severe damage. She often "Bang!" This ability is often used by her.

Manipulation: In the final chapters of the manga Reze, Quanxi and Katana Man become friends with Makima because she manipulates their minds.

  • Remote Destruction Makima can attack anybody remotely using an invisble force. This power is only possible with certain rituals. In Chapter 27, Makima blindfolds everyone and asks a person to name her target. Both the named person and the one who said it die. This power appears to only work against people at the moment.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 27 (Shonen Jump)

  • Corpse control: You can't escape Makima's grasp even if you die. She uses Chapter 66 to call the devil that the deceased had contracted with by using her power over a dead person.

Chainsaw Man Makima Ourakness

Makima could be killed because of her agreement with the Prime Minister in Japan. This contract caused all deaths to Japanese citizens. Denji managed to take Makima down, using her enhanced sense of smell to identify people. Denji stopped her regeneration using devil's blood, interrupting her benefit from her contract.

Are Makima and Chainsaw Man dead or alive?

After deceiving Makima with the duplicate Body of Chainsaw Man, Pochita & Denji successfully defeat Makima. Makima's tale is not over. The control devil continues to live. Every devil, unless they are consumed by Pochita after their death is over, goes to hell. If they are sent to hell after death, the devil will reincarnate in the human realm.


Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto - Chapter 96 (Shonen Jump)

Pochita did not consume Makima's body after she killed her. She soon reincarnates back on Earth. Devils do not have any memories of the past after every death. In Chapter 97, we learn that Control Devil's reincarnated self is Nayuta. She is a young Chinese girl who has no evil intentions. For now, at least. Pochita doesn't have to be concerned about her, but she's just one of Four Horsemen.

Commonly Asked Questions

**Is Makima a villain? **

Makima is Chainsaw Man's main antagonist in the first arc.

**Who is Chainsaw Man's love interest? **

Chainsaw Man (aka Denji) shows serious interest in Makima, even though Makima may be faking it. It could be Denji dreaming of being in a romantic relationship with a woman.

**Who murdered Makima? **

Makim is repeatedly killed by a group of people including Chainsaw Man. She was automatically revived, until finally she was killed by Chainsaw Man (Power)

**How old was Makima? **

Makima seems to be in her 20s. However, Makima is likely in her hundreds if she's not already.

The ## Chainsaw Man Control Devil: Explained

You are now ready to see Makima and all of Chainsaw Man in her full glory. She isn't the only important character of the anime. So, we suggest you explore our guide to meet Denji in Chainsaw Man. You will find him to be the ideal person for fighting Makima. Do you think Makima is right? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!