The internet's most popular creepy Slender Man has been around for more than a decade. From scaring kids to inspiring Roblox horror games, it has played a variety of roles in the gaming community. It's now making a return as an iconic fashion statement for one of the most loved video games. You don't want to miss this fashion trend. Learn what a Roblox Slender is and how you can make the most of your in-game avatar. Let's now dive into Roblox Slender.

Roblox Slender - Explained (2022).

Roblox allows you to use all the settings and characteristics we have described in this guide directly in your in-game Roblox account. But, if you want to push your character well beyond its limits, you should use Roblox Studio instead.

What's a Roblox Slender, you ask?


Slenderman in the 2018 Movie

Roblox's "Slender" refers to those players who have a goth-punk approach with their characters and a thin, extra tall body. You will most often see Roblox Slenders with male bodies, although female Slenders can be found.

They try to imitate the "dark clothes" style of Slender Man and his long, wavy hair. They don't try to copy the look of Slender Man. Instead, they incorporate elements of their personalities.

**Who created Roblox's Slenders? **

The history behind the Slender avatar on Roblox, much like its inspiration, is very mysterious. The Slender trend was popularized by streamers and creators of content who started using this avatar.

The Roblox community suggests that the Slender trend was created by a player called "3bwx". This is to make Roblox's Ro Gangsters trend more popular. Some believe it was "TheNarrowGate", who first created the Slender avatar, and others copied them.

This is not the only thing. Some other player names that pop up in the discussion are "SharkBlox" (as per a Reddit discussion) and KhandyParker, who were using the Roblox Slender character before its widespread popularity.

Roblox - ### Different Types of Body

Before we look at how to create and customize your Roblox character to look like a Slender Man, you first need to know about the different body types in the game. You might be familiar with the two types of Roblox bodies if you are a regular player.

R6 Blocky classic blocky body constructed of cubes, cuboids R15:** A realistic body that resembles a human being


The R6 body type allows you to customize only the head, legs, and torso. R15 lets you edit any part of your limbs that is animated or can be moved. This is why the R15 body type can be used to create your Roblox Slender.

As long as you follow the R15 characters, your Slender Man will be ready within no time.

Roblox Slender Characteristics

To make your Roblox body a Slender, you should set the following:

  • Height: 105%
  • Width: 100%
  • Head: 100%
  • Proportions: 0
  • Body Type: 100%

If you don't know how to customize your Roblox character, you can use our linked guide to get a quick tutorial. In some Roblox versions, there are no numerical sliders or toggles. You will need to match your slider with the screenshot below:


The body of your character should look as slim as possible. Once the body has been prepared, it is time to put on the appropriate clothing and accessories. The following accessories are recommended:

  • _Plain Black Tshirt
  • Plain Black Pants
  • Black High-Wested Sweats
  • Stitch Face
  • _Short Layered hair

Get your Roblox Slender Man Avatar Today

With that, you are now ready to create your own Slender character and join the group of some of the best Roblox characters of all time. And if you are inviting friends over, you should also try out the avatar in Roblox VR on Quest 2. This is only after you've decided on your style. How do you envision your Roblox Slender looking? Let us know in the comments!