Since the beginning of Minecraft, XP farms were a feature that Minecrafters have used to decorate their base. However, it is rare to see the two activities occurring simultaneously. Fortunately, the latest Minecraft 1.19 update changes that with the introduction of the Sculk Catalyst block. This is one of many sculk block that can be found in deep dark caves biome. You can also create a perfect XP farming system by learning how to locate, obtain, and use Sculk Catalyst. This will allow you to decorate your base with dark features, while still functioning. Sounds game-breaking, right? Let's see if this block is useful!

Sculk Catalyst Block for Minecraft Explained (2022).

Before we get into the use of Sculk Catalyst, we have discussed different ways to obtain it. You can also use the table to skip this section.

What's a Sculk Catalyst?


Minecraft's unique Sculk Catalyst activity block generates Sculk Features around it if a mob is killed and leaves experience orbs nearby. This block, with enough deaths and time, can make the entire deep dark biome.

Sculk Catalyst is part of the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild gift set of sculk block sculks. Other sculk block additions to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild include _Sculk Shrieker and _Sculk Veins, Sculk Sensor and _Sculk (block).

What Does Sculk Catalyst Spwn?


Naturally, the Sculk Catalyst generates within the Deep Dark biome. This is one of the new biomes of the Minecraft 1.19 update. It doesn't take long to locate the ancient city, as it is accessible from anywhere.

How To Get Sculk Catalyst In Minecraft

It is easy to locate the Sculk Catalyst. However, you cannot directly mine it and take it home. You can't break the Sculk Catalyst using any other tool. It just drops experience points and disappears. To mine Sculk Catalyst** within the Deep Dark biome, you will need a hoe equipped with the **silktouch enchantment.

Instead of giving experience orbs, the Sculk Catalyst will let go with silk touch. You can use our Minecraft enchantments guide to learn how to apply silk touch to your tools easily. You can't combine the silk touch and fortune enchantments, as they aren't compatible.

Warden: How to get Sculk Catalyst


Sometimes, it can be difficult to find Enchantments in Minecraft. There is an alternative way to obtain the Sculk Catalyst Block, though it comes with many dangers. You can try to fight and defeat the Warden in Minecraft because when it dies, it drops experience orbs and a block of Sculk Catalyst. You can then pick up the Sculk Catalyst and begin using it at any location you choose.

What Does Sculk Catalyst Do?

The following conditions must be met for the Sculk Catalysts to function:

  • A mob near it must drop experience** orbs**. The catalyst ignores the death of the mob that hasn't dropped any experience orbs.
  • The block detects mobs within an 8-block radius of the catalyst.
  • To the catalyst, the cause of death is irrelevant. The mob may die due to a player or another mob. You will receive sculk features if the mob loses experience. The coverage of the sculk will depend on how many experience points you have. If the mob dies within four blocks, a Sculk Catalyst will generate either a sculk sensor (or asculk shrieker).

Sculk Catalyst for Minecraft

After you've extracted the Sculk Catalyst blocks from Deep Dark Biome, please follow these steps to make it available in the 1.19 Update:

1. Find an area where you can place the Sculk Catalyst. It replaces blocks nearby to create Sculk features. So, placing it inside your Minecraft house might not be the best idea.


2. You must bring the mob you wish to kill within the vicinity of the block after placing it. If you are unable to find enough mobs to kill, you can try to make a goat farm in Minecraft for your supply.


3. To activate the Sculk Catalyst you must kill any mob within an eight-block radius. You can also use the best sword enchantments to secure the kill before the mob runs away too far.


How to Find and Use the Sculk Catalyst for Minecraft

The Sculk Catalyst can help you decorate your base in a frightening theme, or accumulate a lot experience points. This block is unique and has been included in the game. It is just a matter of using it correctly. But if that isn't enough, the best Minecraft mods can take your experience a step further. Though, you have to install Forge in Minecraft before using any of them. However, if you are not into using mods, you can instead try to combine the Sculk Catalyst with a mob XP farm. This can make your game more enjoyable and less time-consuming. Having said that, do you want to fight the Warden to get Sculk Catalyst? Let us know in the comments