Discord conversations can quickly get heated. While the messaging app now offers a new feature called Discord Threads to create a separate feed for specific topics, server admins have a neat feature called slow mode to limit the number of messages in a Discord channel. This article will explain everything about Discord's Slow Mode and how to enable it or disable it in your Discord server.

Discord Slow Mode Described (2022).

What's Discord Slow Mode?

The Discord slow mode feature was designed for large servers. The feature allows server administrators to set a cooling down timer for active channels. Members will need to wait for the expiration of the countdown to send new messages once they have enabled it. To enable slow mode or disable it, server administrators will require the "Manage Channel” permission.


Administrators are exempt from the slow mode. Administrators are able to continue sending normal messages, even on slow-mode channels. Anyone with Administrator, Manage Channel or Manage Messages permissions is exempt from the timer along the owner of the server.

Discord Desktop/ Web: Enable Slow Mode

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2. You will find the ability to alter the duration of the slow mode under the "Overview". You have the option to change your slow mode duration from five seconds up to six hours. Select the length that is most suitable for you channel, and then *click Save Changes to save your timer.


3. 3. Server owners, administrators, and members who have "Manage Channel", permission can send normal messages.


Disable slow mode on Discord Desktop/ Web

1. To open the settings, click on the Settings icon located next to the name of the channel.


2. 2. That's it. The slow mode has been disabled. All users on the server are now able to send messages in normal channels.


Disable/Enable the Discord Slow Mode for Mobile Devices (Android, iPhone)

1. To enable slow mode, long-press the channel** on the server. In the popup menu, click on Edit Channel ".


2. Scroll to the bottom until you see "Slowmode", and adjust the cooldown according to your preferences. The cooldown can be set to "Off" to disable slow mode from your channel. To apply your changes, enable or disable slow mode by pressing the floating button "Save".


Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What's slow mode in Discord?" **

Slow mode allows you to set a timer for when a server member may send another message. This feature can be found on Discord channels.

Q: Discord slow mode can be turned off? **

Slow mode can only be turned off if the server administrator or "Manage Channel") permission is granted.

Q: Is Discord slow mode setting immune? **

Slow mode is not available to administrators and server owners, as well as members who have "Manage Channel" (or "Manage Messages") permission.

Use Slow Mode on Active Discord Channels

This concludes everything you need to know about Discord slow mode. This guide will help you understand why Discord slow mode isn't working for you. In case you are new to Discord, do not forget to look at our guide on installing Discord themes and the best Discord themes you can use.